Barbara Carrera Height and Weight

Barbara Carrera Height and Weight

Barbara Carrera Weight?
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Barbara Carrera Height?
5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

What Are Barbara Carrera Measurements?

What is Barbara Carrera bra size?

Barbara Carrera shoe size – 8.5

Barbara Carrera horoscope – Capricorn

Date Of Birth
31 December 1945, Bluefields, Nicaragua

Birth Name
Barbara Kingsbury

Barbara Carrera is a Nicaraguan-born American film and television actress as well as a former model.

Barbara Carrera Quotes

[on Sean Connery] Much more attractive without his wig on.

The secret to modeling is to develop character before the camera. In addition to looking beautiful, you need to develop a personality to add intrigue. I think that also applies to acting.

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