Bob Einstein Height and Weight

Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein Height and Weight

Bob Einstein Weight?

Bob Einstein Height?
6′ 4″ (1.93 m)

Bob Einstein shoe size – *

Bob Einstein horoscope – Scorpio

Date Of Birth
20 November 1942, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stewart Robert “Bob” Einstein is an American actor and comedy writer.

Son of comedian Harry Parke, also known as “Parkyakarkus”.

Plays the character Super Dave Osborne.

Brother of Albert Brooks.

Son of Thelma Leeds and Harry Parke.

Went to the same High School as Angelina Jolie, Michael Klesic, Nicolas Cage, Lenny Kravitz, Albert Brooks, David Schwimmer, Betty White, Elizabeth Daily and Richard Dreyfuss.

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