Katie Price Height and Weight

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price Height and Weight

Katie Price Weight?
52 kg or 115 lbs

Katie Price Height?
5′ 4″

What Are Katie Price Measurements?

What is Katie Price bra size?
32D or 32FF

Date Of Birth
22 May 1978, Brighton, England, UK

Birth Name
Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield

Trade Mark
Her gigantic breasts

Katie Price , previously known under the pseudonym Jordan, is an English media personality, author, former glamour model, occasional singer and businesswoman.

Katie Price Quotes

“You can’t beat sex outdoors, but there are not many places I haven’t done it. Forests, barns, in swimming pool changing rooms, on top of hills, you name it.” (on her sexual philosophy)

[On her “autobiography”] “There’s a lot of stuff that happened to me when I was kinda young. Like when I was just 12, or 13 or so. It might really shock some people. It’s an interesting part of my life, I hope it’s in the book, I didn’t check whether they put it in or not.”

Some people may be famous for creating a pencil sharpner. I’m famous for my tits.

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