Michael C. Hall Height and Weight

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall Height and Weight

Michael C. Hall Weight?
175 lbs or 80 kg

Michael C. Hall Height?
5′ 10½” (1.79 m)

Michael C. Hall shoe size – 11

Michael C. Hall horoscope – Aquarius

Date Of Birth
1 February 1971, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name
Michael Carlyle Hall

Jennifer Carpenter (31 December 2008 – 2 December 2011) (divorced)
Amy Spanger (1 May 2002 – 2006) (divorced)

Michael Carlyle Hall is an American actor.

Michael C. Hall Personal Quotes

I think Dexter is a man who, a part of himself is very much frozen, or arrested in a place that is pre-memory, pre-conscious, pre-verbal. Something very traumatic happened to him, he doesn’t know what that is. And I think on some level he wants to know. He denies his humanity, he describes himself as someone who is without feeling, and yet I think that he maybe suspects – in a way that maybe isn’t even conscious yet when we first meet him – that he is in fact a human being.

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