Rachel Hurd-Wood Height and Weight

Rachel Hurd-Wood Height and Weight

Rachel Hurd-Wood Weight?
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Rachel Hurd-Wood Height?
5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

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Date Of Birth
17 August 1990, Streatham, London, England, UK

Birth Name
Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood

Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood is an English actress and model.

Rachel Hurd-Wood Personal Quotes

I’ve been a victim in every film I have done so far. It would be nice to play someone who doesn’t get killed for once. Then again, I am getting really good at screaming and fake tears…

[When asked if she would have become an actor had it not been for her lucky break at age 11 as Wendy in Peter Pan (2003)]: Probably not. I want to teach or do speech therapy [she is currently doing a linguistics degree], maybe working with autistic children. It was never my goal to be an actor. If my career ends here then fine. It’s just a path in life and I’ve had a damn good time.

[When asked if she was worried on the effect of being touted as the next big thing by critics on her acting profile after the hype of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)]: I’m not bothered with my profile. Although I had auditions [after Perfume] my heart wasn’t really in it. My primary focus has always been on school. I wouldn’t describe myself as an actor. I’d describe myself as a student.

[on being typecast in period pieces]: I’m sick of having red hair but people seem to like that aesthetic. I would really like to play someone contemporary as I’ve done lots of period pieces. I would love to play an American bimbo or a grimy Londoner. But I’m probably more suited in people’s minds to playing a corseted victim. They think, ‘Oh right, she’s pale, she looks like she couldn’t really fight back.’

First acting experience – so that was just, incredible, I never thought that I’d get it, I really didn’t. I still can’t believe it – you know, it just seems so weird, and seeing it up on the big screen. I kind of disassociate the finished product to when we were actually filming because the two seem so different.

It’s like a dream … one minute I am walking across the playground to maths and next, I’m flying to Hollywood to meet the world’s press.

‘English Rose’ – what does that actually mean? That I am pale? That I am English, maybe? They are going to say that about any actress from this country!

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