Rachel Nichols Height and Weight

Rachel Nichols Height and Weight

Rachel Nichols Weight?
130 lbs or 59 kg

Rachel Nichols Height?
5′ 10″ or 178 cm

What Are Rachel Nichols Measurements?
(US) 34-24-34 ; (EU) 86.5-61-86.5

What is Rachel Nichols bra size?

Rachel Nichols shoe size – 7

Rachel Nichols horoscope – Capricorn

Date Of Birth (Birthday)
8 January 1980, Augusta, Maine, USA

Birth Name
Rachel Emily Nichols

Rachel Emily Nichols is an American actress and model. Nichols began modeling while attending Columbia University in New York City in the late 1990s

Rachel Nichols Personal Quotes
[on playing the role of “Tamara” in Conan the Barbarian (2011)] It was really important that she not be the damsel-in-distress. We wanted to update and empower her, and the best way to do that is to go toe-to-toe with “Conan”. So I give him attitude in the beginning, and there really is a hostile relationship.

I love the physicality side of roles, I really do, And when I get to do my own stunts, it’s that much cooler. I’ll do anything the production safety people will let me.

[on “Continuum” (2012/I)] I like these strong female role models. Carlos – Victor Webster – had a shower scene the other day. Without his top on. He gets to do all the fun eye-candy stuff, and I get to kill people. It’s gritty.

[on her first sex scene in a movie] They were nice enough to shoot the scene at the end of filming, so by then Jason [Jason Momoa] and I had become friends. But it still is awkward, especially when you have the director saying, “Grab her neck and bite her”.

History is fickle. We know that. The good and bad come around and go around, and go around again. There are recessions and depressions and economic boom and bust.I’m concerned about the future. I think many people acknowledge we’re on a path that can’t be sustained.

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